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Jiffy Original Gold Padded Envelopes

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Jiffy Original Gold Padded Envelopes Jiffy


                Internal Measurements      External Measurements      Pack Size         Price

PB0             132mm x 235mm                  152mm x 254mm                200             €59.99

PB1             164mm x 285mm                  184mm x 305mm                100             €47.99

PB2             196mm x 285mm                  216mm x 305mm                100             €49.99

PB3             196mm x 350mm                  216mm x 350mm                100             €55.99

PB4 (A4)  221mm x 350mm                  241mm x 368mm                100             €59.99

PB5             247mm x 387mm                  267mm x 406mm                100             €65.99

PB6             298mm x 464mm                  318mm x 483mm                  50             €59.99

PB7 (A3)  336mm x 489mm                  356mm x 568mm                  50             €64.99

PB8 (A2)  437mm x 666mm                  457mm x 686mm                  50             €99.99


These padded envelopes have Peel & Seal Closure with the exception of the Jiffy PB8s which instead have holes to seal by string



Jiffy Padded Envelopes are the original protective postal bag

All-purpose, rugged, macerated recycled paper fibre cushioned mailers.

Construction from a heavy-duty kraft paper with a uniform padding that provides excellent cushioning protection.

Tough pure kraft outer is puncture and tear resistant


Excellent Protection: Double folded corners and double glued bottom flap afford additional edge protection and overall bag strength

Easy to Use: Smooth inner liner and pre-scored flap allows for easy product insertion and a more efficient closure


Environmental: Made from 90% recycled paper fibres with 50% post consumer content. Recycle in your paper/cardboard bin

jiffy bag size guide


65% Recycled



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Jiffy Original Gold Padded Envelopes

Jiffy Original Gold Padded Envelopes

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