Anti Static Bubble Bags

  • AS3 - 180mm x 235mm
  • AS4 - 230mm x 285mm
  • AS5 - 280mm x 360mm
  • AS7 - 380mm x 435mm

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sealed air aircapAnti Static Bubble Bags


Available Sizes:

No AS3 - 180mm x 235mm (300/box)

No AS4 - 230mm x 285mm (300/box)

No AS5 - 280mm x 360mm (150/box)

No AS7 - 380mm x 435mm (100/box)


Constructed from bubble wrap with static inhibitors

Slip the item in one of these and you'll save loads of time over wrapping not to mention the expense of wasted materials. Perfect for looking after small components, electrical parts, circuit boards, hard disks or even mobile devices and mp3 players.


  • PROTECT SMALL, FRAGILE PRODUCTS. Great for electrical parts, small components and more.
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY. Simply insert the item into the bag and the product is protected. Up to 3 times faster than hand wrapping. Save labour time an eliminate material waste.
  • BUBBLE WRAP CONTRUCTION WITH STATIC INHIBITORS. Surface Resistance Rs = 10^10 - 10^11 ohm.




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Anti Static Bubble Bags

Anti Static Bubble Bags

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