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Hyper Cardboard Shredder

An easy solution to reduce cardboard waste and create eco-friendly packaging to protect your products.

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Hyper Cardboard Shredder Machines

See it in action!

  • Get a cardboard shredder for your business!
  • Save money on your cardboard disposal.
  • Transform used cardboard into practical packaging material without wasting time or money!
  • Free up warehouse space taken up by used cardboard or packaging materials.
  • Eliminate the disposal costs of used cardboard
  • Ecological, space-saving and economical.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint ... and show your customers you care for the environment!

  • We have a wide range of machines to suit every purpose.
  • Lease your machine from less than €21 per week.
  • Save money ... save the environment!

Oversized motor for maximum reliability and stell blades, resistant to even small metal parts means this machine is built to last. All models are fitted with a HEPA dust extractor connection to collect dust.

Practical and simple to use by means of a two-position on/off switch.Sturdy structure entirely in steel and sheet metal.

Laterial opening of the cutting outlets allows cardboard wider than 1 metre to be inserted. Convenient blade inspection window - the blades are easy to clean thanks to a door with a safety device.

By eliminating the need to purchase bulky rolls of bubble wrap and other void fill packaging, these cardboard shredder machines are both cost-and space-saving devices. Quickly reducing your surplus cardboard into thin strips or matting, you will be provided with cost-free, recycled material for filling void spaces with parcels for extra protection of your items within.

These machines are manufactured by the Italian company Hyper.

Five models, all freestanding, to choose from:

Shredder Models












Unit Type







Single Phase

Single/3 Phase

Single/3 Phase

Single/3 Phase

3 Phase

Motor Size

1 HP max

3 HP

3 HP

4 HP

4-7.5 HP

Voidfill produced per hour

2 metres3

4 metres3

6 metres3

10 metres3

15 metres3

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