Arteza Pencils (12) 2 HB
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Arteza Pencils (12) 2 HB

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Arteza Wood-Cased Pencilsarteza 


  • #2 HB
  • Wood-Cased
  • Pre-Sharpened
  • Break-Resistant Core
  • Latex-free Eraser Tip
  • 12 pencils per box

Each pencil’s six-sided wooden casing blends classic ergonomic design with a natural feel of wood. It’s a design that has stood the test of time, allowing you to comfortably write, scribble or sketch for hours on end.

Each pencil is pre-sharpened so it is ready to go straight from the box. You can literally pick up a pencil and start writing or sketching with precision. The pencils’ HB (number 2) hardness grading make them versatile and perfect for most types of writing or sketching. This also means that the tips will stay sharp for quite a while before requiring sharpening.

Pencils are the workhorses in classrooms, workshops, and corporate boardrooms, so they’re bound to take a few bumps and knocks. However, the tough, break-resistant graphite cores of these pencils ensure that they can take the punch, while still providing smooth and consistent lines.

Everyone makes mistakes, and because pencil marks are easy to erase, they are the go-to tool for making notes, marks for DIY projects, or quick sketches. The handy eraser at the end of the pencils allow you to quickly erase mistakes. The erasers are also latex-free, which is good news for those sensitive to latex.


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