Mail Lite Padded Envelopes - Brown
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Mail Lite Padded Envelopes - Brown

  • Brown/Kraft
  • A/000
  • B/00
  • C/0
  • D/1
  • E/2
  • F/3
  • G/4
  • H/5
  • J/6
  • K/7
  • Single Box
  • 5+ boxes
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  • Lightweight low-cost bubble envelopes
  • Bubble liner in a paper shell
  • Tamper-evident Peel & Seal easy closure
  • Colour: Kraft Brown



                Internal Measurements      External Measurements      Pack Size       

A/000        100mm x 160mm                  120mm x 170mm                100         

B/00           120mm x 210mm                  130mm x 220mm                100           

C/0             150mm x 210mm                  160mm x 220mm                100        

D/1             180mm x 260mm                  190mm x 270mm                100         

E/2           220mm x 260mm                  230mm x 270mm                100         

F/3              220mm x 330mm                  230mm x 340mm                  50         

G/4             240mm x 330mm                  250mm x 340mm                  50          

H/5          270mm x 360mm                  280mm x 370mm                  50         

J/6           300mm x 440mm                  310mm x 450mm                  50         

K/7          350mm x 470mm                  360mm x 480mm                  50          


Mail Lite protective padded envelopes are lined with Aircap bubble material which a special retention barrier to seal every bubble against air loss for high performance cushioning.


Mail Lite are easy to write on, and have excellent label adhesion. All Mail Lite bags have a self-seal strip on the lip to provide a tamper-evident secure seal.

Each envelope has a unique tear strip for quick and easy opening



Mail Lite A-f

A/000 B/00 C/0 D/1 E/2 F/3
110x160mm 120x210mm 150x210mm 180x260mm 220x260mm 220x330mm


Mail Lite G-k


G/4 H/5 J/6 K/7
240x330mm 270x360mm 300x440mm 350x470mm


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