Acid Free Tissue Paper 500 x 700mm 480 sheets (full ream)
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Acid Free Tissue Paper 500 x 700mm 480 sheets (full ream)

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Acid Free Tissue Paper


  • Size: 500mm x 700mm
  • Paper: 17gsm Machine Glazed
  • Type: Unbuffered


Ideal for packaging, interleaving and general purpose protection.

This Unbuffered Acid Free Tissue Paper will add extra protection to items that you need to store. Acid Free means that the tissue is free of acids that will cause it to deteriorate over time and damage the items that it touches. Unbuffered tissue lacks the buffering reserve to prevent future acidity. It is used with materials that are sensitive to a higher pH level.


Unbuffered White Acid Free Tissue Paper can be used to protect: natural fibre clothing (eg: linen, cotton, wool, silk), textiles (eg quilts), heirloom clothing (eg wedding gowns/veils), leather, jewellery, sterling silver, and all collectibles.

If in doubt of the best type of acid free paper to use, always choose unbuffered!



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